Wheatgrass Juice – Not the Powder!

Many people are on the juicing bandwagon these days and are making all sorts of juice cocktails.

Wheatgrass Juice

Wheatgrass juice is in a league of its own and is best consumed as juice and not the powder you see sold in most health food stores.

It is very similar to aloe vera benefit-wise except that you only need to start on 1-2oz a day to see results from drinking it.


What is Wheatgrass Juice?  

It is the baby grass of wheat and is gluten-free.  You can normally buy it at health food markets and even some health food shops. The juice should only be taken on an empty stomach and can take some getting used to.

Personally, I like it flash-frozen straight from the field.  This bumps up the price to £54 a packet for 28oz of individual 1oz parcels. Quite expensive if you are on a tight budget.

Trays of the grass are easier on the pocket and are between £7-10 a tray.  Each one yields about 9oz of juice.

You will need to have a juicer that can juice wheatgrass as it is quite stringy – even more so than celery.

The good thing about wheatgrass juice is that you should see the effects on your body within a week as it is so powerful.

Personally, I found wheatgrass:

  • Toned my skin
  • Restored elasicity
  • Contributed to weight loss
  • Enhanced my vision
  • Made my hair thick and bushy
  • Made my nails strong


What is Wheatgrass Made Of?

It is one of the few grasses that has a complete protein profile.  All essential amino acids are included.  Chlorophyll – plant blood – is similar to our own haemoglobin and serves as a blood enricher.  This means that it can raise low blood counts of invalids back to a healthy level. All minerals and vitamins are included.  Wheatgrass is a complete food.

As the taste is quite acquired, you may have to lick a slice of lemon afterwards to take the wheatgrass juice taste off your tongue.  The good thing is that the benefits outweigh the taste.

The sicker you are the more juice you will need – up to 8oz daily. As wheatgrass juice is powerful, you should drink  2 oz in the morning on an empty stomach and 2 oz in the afternoon.  The same in the evening.

Depending on your weight.  I am 12 stone – 75kg and take up to 4oz a day when drinking this.  Mind you if you are relatively quite heavy for your height  and not a body builder – you may feel a little queasy as your liver is being cleansed.

In that case, prepare yourself at least a fortnight beforehand.  Have  a salad at least once a day….A 5-8 veg salad with avocado rather than  mayo.

You only need to take wheatgrass when you are in need of an extra boost of nutrients and trying to reverse symptoms of illness.

Wheatgrass Powder

Powdered wheatgrass is not as potent as the juice as it is missing the full chlorophyll juice factor.

It is possible to grow wheatgrass at home, however that would take another blog post or two to describe and you might get bored with all the details so I will spare you!

For those of you who do want to try growing wheatgrass at home – you can try the soil-free method as well as the soil method. You will need trays and wheatgrain (seeds). There is also the option to buy special equipment to grow wheatgrass at home.


6 thoughts to “Wheatgrass Juice – Not the Powder!”

  1. I was unaware of this method for helping with skin, nails, and even improves vision. I thought carrots were the only real thing to help for eyes.

    A lot of people would not have mentioned that the taste isn’t that great. I will have to consider this when I try this method. Thanks for the article!

    1. Hi Ernest, glad you like the article.

      Yes, wheatgrass can even be used during cancer recovery and a whole load of other things besides vision.  It truly is a ‘superfood’ which very few people really understand about even though they drink it!

      Learning about wheatgrass is an education of which I have only skimmed the surface.

  2. thank you for sharing as i had not heard of wheatgrass before.Your pages are very educative and i enjoyed reading them and could continue reading.I use forever living aloe vera gel juice,but having read your article will also try the gel sometime.I have not ever suffered with skin problems but could not imagine coping as i would itch and scratch all the time -which is something you must not do.I think your business will be supportive to so many…will you have a link for forever living products?thank you for sharing in such a candid way.Anthea xx

    1. Hello Anthea, Forever Living Products are wonderful and I used Aloe Gelly on my skin to calm the skin down as well.  I would suggest going to their website or Facebook page to contact a distributor.  If you don’t have success, do feel free to come back to my site.  I will do my best to help you..

      Have you discovered why you have the constant itch?  It could be something you are eating or the environment like hot sun, dry heat from another source.  A carpet doesn’t help either, it’s full of dust plus dustmites!

  3. Dear Stella ,
    I believe wheat grass juice is one the best natural juices one can enjoy. Personally I have tried it and experienced its health benefits as a detox and a nourisher.

    It is gaining popularity where I come from and would love to see a blog post on how to grow it at home.


    1. Hi Oscar,

      Yes it is really medicine for our bodies, isn’t it?

      It actually grew out of fashion in the 30s because scientists didn’t know how to package it without it going off (bad).

      Now it is in powder form as well as frozen juice form.

      I do know how to grow it and have a wheatgrass grower at home (manuall).  It can be labour intensive though. Wheatgrass can be grown with or without soil.  

      It is less messy and useful to grow without soil if you don’t have a garden.  You can check out some books online, for example Anne Wigmore’s “Wheatgrass book”.  She has the basic growing method in her bookand also lists all the various nutrients the grass contains.

      Tell me how you get on!

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