Vitamix – Total Nutrition Centre Review – Get Creative!

There are blenders and then there are BLenDERs

The Vitamix Total Nutrition Centre helps you be creative in the kitchen, bringing your overall nutrition to a higher level…in a matter of minutes.


Vitamix Total Nutrition Centre


I have owned one for 9 years and it has never failed to help me be creative in making everything from nutmilks to soups, sauces and spreads.  In fact I’m still learning something new about this workhorse every day.

Vitamix Blender Features;

  • 64 oz container for  large quantities
  • Variable speed control from 1-10
  • 7-year full warranty on parts, returns and shipping
  • Aircraft-grade blades tough enough to grind even flaxseeds
  • Cool running motor – consistent temperature maintains the enzymes in ingredients
  • Angled sides of container – designed to create a vortex for the ingredients to be smoothly blended by the blades.

How To Use It

Simply place the 64oz container onto the motor (which should be placed on a flat dry surface).  Then put your ingredients into the container.  Put the black lid on the top, pressing down firmly to secure it. Then place the small transparent inner lid into the centre of the black lid and twist clockwise once.

There is a tamper supplied with the blender and this is used to stir ingredients  until smooth.  The tamper should not be placed near the blades while the machine is on to avoid damaging it like I did once!!  Fortunately, this happened during the warranty time, so it was fixed and has been working as good as new since then.

What I Do Not Like About This Blender

The Vitamix is an impressive workhorse, the only downside seeming to be the price, which at £475, was very costly for me.  I paid for it in 2 instalments and received it once the balance was completed.

Also, the container seems to be designed for people who are 1.64 metres and taller, as it requires a long reach of arm to attach or lift off the  lid or use the tamper to stir ingredients.

What I Like About This Blender

The good thing is that this particular brand of blender has outlasted all 4 blenders of another make I had, so in the long run it looks as if you could actually save money.

It was only when I had delayed buying my spare juicer parts  that I realised how versatile my blender could be.  There is a 7 year warranty with this blender and all of the Vitamix series of blender, except the refurbished ones.

So, if you want to save time on preparing food for your family, the Vitamix Total Nutrition Centre could well turn out to be one of the best items you buy for your kitchen.

For Your Information

Other Vitamix models to be viewed on Amazon are:

  • Vitamix Professional Series which are the top of the range
  • Vitamix Aspire Series
  • Vitamix Personal Blender Series – the lowest of the range

You can check the current prices at Amazon here

Rating; 9/10

Final Thought

So there you have it – all that you need to know about this  mid-priced Vitamix blender is at your fingertips.  If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.


  • I just read this info on the Vitamix blender Stella and I need to update my old grinder as it really is very old so will go take a look via your link as this replacement is well over due and i’m looking to receiving my new one and mixing my smoothies etc

    • Hi Vicki, 

      I have sent you a personal email regarding your query…Basically, I am still working on my site affiliate links..

      Please be patient!

  • I totally love the product already. You made an excellent case study. I also love the way you gave us both advantages and disadvantages so we are left to make our own choices. Good job. Is there a way I can order it from Nigeria? Does it blend dry seeds and leaves?

    • Hi there,

      Yes, a Vitamix blender can also be used for blending tough seeds and leaves.

      As it is a blender you will need to add some form of liquid though.  Like 1/2 cup of bottled water. Or even better, vegetable juice.

      You can order it from Amazon online.  Or better still if you travel for holiday to the States, buy it and take it on the return flight with you!

  • Hi Stella, You have a site with a lot of good topics. I like the way you have set it up and made it easy to navigate. What are your feelings about Himalayan pink salt and salt lamps. I use this salt with my meals. Also once a month I fill my bath tub with a combination of baking soda, Epsom salts and Himalayan sea salt. 

    Your site is very informative and by the amount of comments you have received has helped some people. I found the cleansing methods for the liver very helpful.

    I thank you for giving me the opportunity to look at your site. I encourage you to do what you are doing. All the best,


    • Hi Micheal,

      I haven’t used Himalayan salts and baking soda in my baths before, so cannot comment on experience using it.

      However I do use Himalayan salt for cooking.

      As mentioned in my post, always do bowel cleansing first before liver flushing to prepare your body for the flush.

      Thanks for enjoying my articles.

      All the best!

  • I have been looking to change my current blender and I found your review of the Vitamix total nutrition center.  I need to get some kind of nutrition system that will make my meals to go a little better and faster.  I think that you have convinced me that I should really consider getting one of these.  

    One downside is the price though.  Do you think, with all the years of experience you had with yours, that it is worth the price compared to a regular blender, and if so, what would be the major benefits?

    • Hi Denis,

      Every Vitaimix has a 7 year guarantee. My Vitamix motor cut out in the 7th year.  It got repaired and works brilliantly 3 years after the incident.

      I use my blender for making everything from almond milk to avocado smoothies containing parsley leaves and stalks. Everything gets ground smooth including nuts and seeds, like flaxseed in under a minute.

      You can make nut butters, dips and dressings as well.  I also made smoothies containing coconut oil, avocado and flaxseed and lost weight.  My nutritionist at the time told me the weightloss was due to eating a lot of healthy vegetable fats.  

      It was unplanned!

      A Vitamix is a workhorse compared to cheaper blenders. You can use it every day for years.

      If you have any further doubts Denis, feel free to ask me.