Stop Itching Eczema – Or It Spreads!

Eczema doesn’t seem like a threat at first.  A little itch here and there can lead to an itching frenzy by the end of a few days if you do not halt it in its tracks.  If you do not stop itching it, eczema spreads and can end up covering a large area of your body.

woman itching her back


Here are several ways to stop an itch:

  1. Apply a flannel soaked in cold water and just put it on the skin.  You will feel cooler instantly
  2. Apply clay paste – simply mix green clay powder with oil and water until you have a slightly thick paste.  Apply to patches.  This is very soothing and heals scars and infections very fast.
  3. If you can and have time – do not go out for 3 days and have Dead Sea Salt baths every day for 3 days in the evenings.  Put olive oil and oatmeal  in the bath also.  When you have soaked for 30 minutes, apply shea butter mixed with olive oil onto your skin.  Then put on a light nightie and hop into a cool bed without a duvet – just cotton sheets.
  4. If the itch is so crazy and you can’t stop itching – this is a last resort – go raw vegan.  Make delicious salads out of vegetables you like and the itch will stop by the end of the day.  It definitely works, but I understand that not everyone can do this.

  5. Drink avocado smoothies – at least 4 cups a day.  Put plenty of cucumber in your blends.  At least 2.  Cucumbers cool the blood.
  6. Stop eating anything sweet – whether fruit, sugary food or drinks.  You will find your skin gets calmer.
  7. Apply aloe vera gelly to your skin. Spread it generously. Very cooling this is!

Once your skin is getting better, you will want to prevent eczema happening again.

This is where bowel cleansing and liver flushes come in.  As I have mentioned before, always bowel cleanse before liver flushing.

Bowel cleansing herbs exist and are effective yet gentle.  The only reason why you need to do these at least twice a year to cleanse the body of parasites, toxins from food and the chemicals we put on and in our bodies. Whether it is makeup, perfume or even the detergent you wash your clothes with, choose products that are gentle and also that contain very few ingredients.

As everyone’s skin biome (garden of beneficial bacteria living on skin) is slightly different, you will have to try one product or oil at a time to see whether it suits your skin.  Remember – always do a skin test first on a patch of skin that is eczema free.

When you find the right oil, stick to it as chopping and changing confuses your skin and could cause it to react.

Also, your skin changes texture as you grow older depending largely on how you have cared for it over the years.  If well nourished with a simple diet, you will find you will age gracefully.  On the other hand yo-yo diets, stress and late nights all take its toil on the skin – ageing it faster.  And we all know scratching for long periods of time doesn’t help!


Is bowel cleansing safe for children?

From 12 years upwards, yes.

For younger children, you may have to use probiotics to feed their gut with good bacteria.  Stopping sugary food and drinks also helps a great deal.  Putting 5 evening primrose capsules  into their food also oils the skin from within.

First Cleanse is safe for children over 12.

Eating fermented food is also a way to feed your children’s gut with good bacteria. Sauerkraut – fermented cabbage is full of friendly stuff!

You can give babies aloe vera juice to drink.  It is not sweet but then you can mix it with something bland like cucumber juice to take the edge off the bitterness.

Personally, I did not know how to treat my son’s rea