Food Combining – Mixing The Right Foods

I first found out about Food Combining from a book bought from the Nutricentre Bookshop near Regents Park.  In their library, you could pick up a book and read through the pages to see if you could learn health tips.  I did.  Food Combining For Health turned out to be one of the best of my nutrition library.

What is Food Combining?

This term was made up by Dr William Hay who broke down in health after 16 years of practice as  a doctor. He developed a dilated heart and high blood pressure.  Since the medicine he used was not helping  much, he turned to nature and decided to eat foods in their natural form and in smaller quantities.

This became a system called ‘The Hay System’.  It was very simple – only eat protein and vegetables in the same meal, or carbohydrates and vegetables together, but not carbohydrates and protein together.

For example;

Most people eat rice with meat curry or chicken and chips.  There’s nothing wrong with this except we get a little bloated sometimes…! The food combining method would be rice and a vegetable curry, or chicken and avocado salad.

Dr Hay’s symptoms cleared up using this simple method.

What Has Food Combining Got to Do With Eczema?

This is the interesting part. You see, eczema is an inflammatory skin condition and when food is combined as is mentioned above, the inflammation dies down.  In fact, this method is useful in treating many inflammatory conditions like arthritis, sore gums, bloating and even brain fog.

In the book, written by Doris Grant and Jean Joice,  there is a section on eczema and an excerpt of how a 10 year old boy who had eczema all his life

A Library Staple – Food Combining for Health

was cleared of it in ten days with only shadows of scars remaining.  Ten days after 10 years of having it!  Yes – I could not believe it either so to see if it was true, I turned to the sections on foods to buy,  menus and meal planning. And found out through experience with this method that Dr Hay was right and the system works.

Throughout my 30s I remained a size 10 – 125lbs.  I am older than that now, and realise that if I wanted to get to the right size all I have to do is the food combining.  Plus toning exercises.

Since the book can explain it much better than I can, I suggest you buy it on Amazon as the Nutricentre bookshop has closed down after more than 20 years in business.

There are, as mentioned previously, many meal planning ideas in Food Combining for Health and how it can work for you, than I have put down here.  It makes for a very good read and you will not be disappointed.

I would like to add that the recipes can be adapted to your taste using the vegetables, carbohydrates and protein of your choice.

If you have any questions or comments about  Food Combining, please feel free to ask here…


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  1. “Was cleared of it in ten days”sound too good to be truth. Is there any medical confirmation that Eczema was cleared due to food combining ? Not willing to be difficult but when I read about some miraculous recovery I get suspicious so some official proof woukd help convince people to be sure this is real thing.

    1. Yes, I totally agree with you it does seem to be ‘magical’ – basically, everything with sugar in it was stopped.  The boy’s mother was practically killing him slowly with a very sweet diet. My aunty, who is a nurse from the States also told me when my skin was very bad, that people with a skin problem should cut sugar from their diet.  I listened and my skin is good now.

      Sugar causes inflammation of cells, even most sweet fruit.  It is the main culprit in wet eczema. I helped one of my friend’s daughters overcome her head to foot eczema this way.  Her skin had turned black.  She could not sleep and needed to concentrate to study for her exams.  She had been making cookies at her friend’s house. Almost every day.

      I told her to stop eating the cookies as it was the main culprit. Followed by having a daily 5-6 vegetable salad.

      Her mother made the salad as her daughter was only 14 years old.  To cut a long story short, the girl was able to sleep at night without scratching and was able to concentrate for her exams. As a result, the eczema cleared off. 

      That was 5 years ago and the girl is still clear.

  2. Interesting post!

    I think we all know what constitutes a healthy, balanced meal but I never really thought that eating carbs and protein together is not advisable. Asians like myself usually combine carbs, proteins and vegetables together in one meal because we believe that the body needs all three.

    I recently developed some kind of skin allergy which I attribute to food that’s why I am a bit cautious when it comes to what I put into my mouth.

    This book on food combining really caught my interest so I will definitely check it out. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Alice, I’m glad you found the information interesting, There are many people suffering in silence and I just want to be of help to yourself and them.

      The book makes for an interesting yet informative read and you will find some answers in it.

      Once again, I’m glad to be of help to you.

      If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask away.

  3. This is an interesting approach to achieving optimal health. I have never heard of the hay system. Most of my meals are packed with complex carbohydrates and protein, and at times mixed with vegetables.
    Just curious though, after reading this book and combining the right foods, how much pounds did you lose to get to your past weight? and how long did it take?

    1. Hi Sheree,

      I’m actually pleased with the weight I am at now as I did not realise how stick-thin I was at size 10. I know that if I was to lose weight I would combine protein and plenty of salad at least twice a day.  I normally lose weight gradually dropping a dress size each month.  I normally do not drop any lower than a size 10 though.

      Vegetables class as lower calorie carbohydrates and can speed up your metabolism naturally.  Mind you, I was also drinking avocado smoothies for breakfast and that also helped with the weight-loss.  Depending on how much we eat and when we eat, these both factor in how much weight each of us might lose.

      Hope this helps!. 

    1. Hi Andrew,
      I am very pleased you find my blog of good value.
      I will look out for your site to perhaps help more people through it. Thanks for getting in touch.

  4. Healed eczema after having it for his whole life? No way! I’ve heard about food combining before but I didn’t think it could be THAT beneficial. Did this really work for you?

    I would also like to get more serious about my choice of foods especially now that I’m getting older my metabolism is not as fast as it used to be when I was in my teens. I enjoyed your article on juicing and now this about food combinations.

    I think I’m going to check out that book on Amazon.

    1. Eczema can be healed no matter how long someone has had it.  If you notice on my site, I tackle eczema from the outside with baths and oils and also from the inside with food and supplements.

      Also environmental factors play a part too. As for food combining I mentioned I used it to keep the same dress size for 10 years. If I want to lose weight I food combine.  It is also beneficial in tackling eczema as well.

      Do  have a look at the book.  It makes for a good read.

  5. As they always say, you are what you eat. I understand this as well. There can be different effects for different types of food I eat everyday. Oily foods can make me sick faster than a clean diet. A balanced clean diet of protein, vegetables and carbs is best. Other tasty foods mostly comes with high salt and flavouring. These should limit down.

  6. That’s a great post! I’ve not really paid much attention to the effect of combining carbohydrates, proteins and vegetables together in one meal but your post have stricken some awareness in me. All I’ve kept in my mind is that a balanced diet should at least have something from all the classes of food. I guess the part of the world I’m coming from too has taught me that. The examples you’ve stated looks convincing and so I will try and implement some of the things you’ve shared to see. I’ve nothing to lose.

    1. It definitely does work as I used this method to remain the same size for 10 years.

      All the best and if you need help just let me know..

  7. Hello Stella.

    Thanks for your article. You know, this does not surprise me at all. The term – food combining – is a new one to me, but the practice is not so new.

    I am a yoga person and on thing that is taught is the need to eat foods separately. Be aware of the type of foods that you combine when you sit down to have a meal. Most yogis eat just one food group and sometimes, just one food  – sweet potatoes (example) alone – when they sit down to eat.

    It is true, in our world today, we simple mix too many different  foods on our plate when we sit down to eat. Less is indeed more as the cliche goes.

    Thanks for the reminder.


    1. Hi Michelle,

      I do Bikram yoga sometimes and find it necessary to eat light but nutritious food when I do a class.

      So I understand what you mean.  I like eating a plate of green apples sometimes for breakfast.  I used to under eat a lot when younger, maybe because I was used to eating lightly from boarding school.  However,I really looked like a stick and so did a body building regime with a personal trainer to reach 140lbs in weight. in my30s.

      I  am now 154lbs and prefer being between 11-11.5 stone. I am also less nervous as a result and definitely less pedantic.


  8. I found this to be very interesting and informative.  I have suffered from Eczema for a long time and certainly know that there are foods that I have to avoid, but I never thought about the proper combination of foods.

    I had no idea of the benefits of eating vegetables with protein or carbs with vegetables but to avoid carbs and protein.  Will this food combination also help with weight loss?

    1. Yes, food combining is excellent for downsizing.  So as not to lose muscle mass try and have 2 meals with fish and veggies.  And one meal with carbs and fruit.  For example jumbo oats and bananas for breakfast with raisins and natural yoghurt or kefir.

      Cut out sugary drinks and either drink vegetable juce mixed with apple juice or herbal teas.  Lemon, ginger and honey with hot water is also good. Or you can try Apple Cider Vinegar with honey and hot water.

      Drink at least 8 cups a day and see your health  improve…

  9. Never heard of food combining.  I will have to check this out for sure.  I do not have eczema but you mention that it is also good for treating inflammatory conditions like arthritis and sore gums which I do have.  I don’t think that people realize the effect that food has on the body.  Sure we know that certain foods are unhealthy and others are healthy but we do not think that we can use food to help with things like inflamation and sore gums and other health effects.

    1. Hello Shy… 

      It’s funny you should mention sore gums, because I have that at the moment!

      Too much honey and fruit (not at the same time).

      I have ordered some Bentonite clay as I find it heals my gums in 3 days.  I just mix a teaspoon with a little water and suck on it twice daily.  To speed things up, I stop eating anything sweet and also sugary drinks.

      I hope you find the right method that works for you.

      All the best,


  10. Hey Stella, how are you?

    I believe the boy got healthy in 10 days because I believe in the power of herbs, vegetables, fruit and the right protein. If his mother was giving him a good amount of sugar every day, this was reducing the capacity of the body to healing because sugar in excess is bad for our body.

    I am diabetic and I can not eat corns, yellow squash and carrots, because every yellow vegetable isrich in sugar. So I believe on the power of combination food.

    Tonight I made for dinner chicken with slices of onions, green and red sweet bell peppers slices as well. I put everything in one skillet with some seasoning and salt until the chicken cooked. Was very delicious, my kids loved; even if I don’t know yet if is a good combination.

    Soon I finish to write this comment, I will buy the book, because I would like to learn more about the food combination.

    Thank you so much for a wonderful Blog.



    1. Hi Telma,

      Thanks for the detailed input.  It is good to know you found the article helpful.

      Here’s to your total recovery…


  11. Great post and good info. 

    I know food combining can be good, but 10 days to clear it sounds too amazing, because sometimes eczema can be a long curing problem.

    Anyway, I have a friend who has eczema, what I will do is sharing it to him so he can have a possible solution.

    Thanks for sharing it, he will be happy.

    1. The reason why it works Bob, is that sugar, the culprit food, was removed from the kid’s diet.

      Sugar causes inflammation and heat which causes itching. Remove the sugar, the inflammation stops. So does the itching and then the skin has time to heal.

      I am living proof.  I had severe full body eczema flare ups between 2012-2016.  I was allergic to some medication.  Once I removed that, the inflammation went down and so did the itch.  I had been ripping my skin til it bled so went raw vegan as well for 4 months.  Then re-introduced chicken and avocado salad and also steamed mackerel and salmon.

      I also did plenty of green juicing and avocado smoothies.

      Remember, the sugar was removed as well as a menu plan put in place.  Healing came and fast.

      I was obviously more toxic than the boy as he was not on meds.  Fortunately, I have been clear for 2 years…and can now concentrate on site creation.

      Hope this is clear and please tell your friend.  I don’t want him to continue to suffer needlessly.

      All the best,


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