Eczema – Amino Acids To The Rescue


Amino acids are the building blocks of protein.  For repairing your body including hair, skin, nails and bones, we need protein.

Amino acids combine with nitrogen to form different proteins.  They are also the end product of protein digestion.

There are 23 commonly known ones 8 of which are essential aminos.  The reason why they are called essential is that they cannot be stored by the body but must be consumed daily in food or supplement form.

Histidine is the 9th essential amino and is required by children and babies.  

So that your body can process protein, all the essential amino acids must be present and in the proper ratio to one another.  Even the temporary absence of a single amino can affect protein synthesis negatively.  If an amino acid is low or missing, it will reduce effectiveness of the others proportionately.

Here is a List of the 23 amino acids starting with the 8 important ones.

  1. Isoleucine
  2. Leucine
  3. Lysine
  4. Phenylalanine
  5. Trytophan
  6. Valine
  7. Treonine
  8. Methionine
  9. Histidine (for babies and young children)
  10. Alanine
  11. Arginine
  12. Asparagine
  13. Aspartic acid
  14. Cysteine
  15. Cystine
  16. Glutamic acid
  17. Glutamine
  18. Glycine
  19. Ornithine
  20. Proline
  21. Serine
  22. Taurine
  23. Tyrosine

So how much daily protein do you need?

This depends on your health, age and size. The younger and larger you are the more protein you need.

Have a look at this chart

Age:                1 to 3 _______  4 to 6 ______ 7 to 10 ______11 to 14 ______15 to 18 _______19 plus

Pound Key          0.82 ____________0.68 ________ 0.55 _________0.45__________0.42  ___________0.36

This chart is worked out like this:

  • Find the pound key under your age group.
  • Multiply that number by your weight
  • The result will be your daily protein requirement in grams

For example, You weigh 100 pounds and are 33 years:    Your pound key is 0.36

0.36 x 100 = Your Daily Protein Requirement

An average minimum protein requirement is around 45g per day.  People under stress and with eczema need more daily protein, so it can repair itself.  45g is equal to 15g or approximately 1/2 oz per meal.

Two Types of Protein  – Complete and Incomplete

The 23 amino acids make up protein that have different f