Drink Alkaline Ionized Water For Eczema

I too used to think that all water was created equal, until I switched to drinking alkaline ionized water for my eczema.

photo of water being poured into a glass from a jug

There are many types of water depending on the environment it is in and also what has been added to it to change its composition for various recipe purposes.

For example;

  • soft water
  • fresh well water
  • spring water
  • ionized water
  • grander water
  • distilled water
  • reverse osmosis water
  • mineral water
  • sparkling water
  • glacial water
  • and the list goes on.

Ionized water is one of my favourites from this list and actually tastes sweeter and wetter than ordinary bottled water.

I found out about it while researching how to restore my skin to its former glory.


What Makes Ionized Water Special?

I would like to point out that this section goes into minute detail as to what this water is and why it is important for you… So hang on tight!

Dr Hayasaki, MD of Water Institute, Japan says this – “A high percentage of living things, both plant and animal are found in water.  All life on earth is thought to have arisen from water… Also, about 70-90 per cent of all organic matter is water.

The chemical reactions in all plants and animals that support life takes place in a water medium.

Water not only provides the medium to make these life sustaining reactions possible, but water itself is often an important reactant or product of these reactions.

In short, the chemistry of life is Water Chemistry.

So What Has This to Do With Eczema?

In his scientific report, Dr Hayasaki states that “living things are extremely sensitive to pH and function best (with certain exceptions, such as certain portions of the digestive tract) when solutions are nearly neutral”.

Most interior living water in homes has a pH of about 6.8.


“Oxygen is essential to our bodies, but when too much is absorbed into the  body, it can become active, unstable and has a tendency to attach itself to any biological molecule, including molecules of healthy cells.

The chemical activity of these free radical is due to one or more pairs of unpaired electrons”.

“Free radicals with unpaired electrons are unstable.  They also have a high oxidation potential.

When too many of these free radicals turn loose in the body where they can damage normal tissue.”

“Putrefaction sets in when molecules in the air invade the proteins of eggs, fish and meat. And so you get unpleasant toxic substances like:

  • Hydrogen Sulphide
  • Ammonia
  • Histamines
  • Phenols
  • Seatoles

So when you are quite toxic or even moderately, you will smell of the type of toxins in your body due to the oxidation and fermentation of such animal protein as eggs, fish and meat.

To cut a long story short, I will briefly explain that histamines contribute  to allergic disorders, such as atopic dermatitis (or eczema!), hives, asthma, etc.

Indoles and phenols are considered carcinogenic, (meaning – able to cause cancer).

In other words, the type of water we drink is very important.  One way to protect healthy tissue from oxidation ravaging caused by active oxygen  is to provide free electrons to active oxygen radicals. Thus, neutralizing their high oxidation potential and preventing them reacting with health tissue.

Moving on…

So if you have excessively offensive stools caused by the molecular action in your body caused by fermentation of the food and drinks you consume, you are very toxic and need the type of water  that has an excess of free electrons to donate to active electrons.

Juices are especially rich in antioxidants such as Vitamins C, E, beta-carotene, etc.  However, the best source of free electrons to block oxidation of healthy tissue is;

Water Treated by Electrolysis

That is, reduced or ionized water is the best solution.

Why Is Ionized Water the Best Solution?

The reduction potential of water can be dramatically increased, surpassing the antioxidants in food or vitamin supplements.

As the molecular weight of reduced water is low, it acts faster and is able to reach all tissues of the body in a very short time.


Ionized water is the product of mild electrolysis which takes place in the ionized water unit.

It is treated tap water that is not only filtered, but has also been reformed – providing reduced molecular water.

This has a large mass of electrons that can be donated to active oxygen  in the body to block the oxidation of normal body cells.


Tap Water; What it Is and What it Isn’t

Normal tap water has pH of 7 which is neutral on a scale of 0-14.

When measured with an oxidation potential measuring device or meter ORP, it’s redox (reducing potential is approximately +400 to +500mv.  Because the tap water has a positive redox potential, it is apt to acquire electrons and oxidize other molecules.

Ionized (Reduced) Water

On the other hand, has a negative redox potential of approximately -250 to -350mvs

Meaning it has a large mass of electrons ready to donate to electron-thieving active oxygen.

News Flash: Here is  short video highlighting the importance of choosing a good brand of ionizer.

I am not a dealer and do not receive any commission from this company.  This is strictly for information purposes only.  Please ignore the part towards the end recommending you buy this brand of ionizer.


…. As I was saying, an ionizer gives you access to both acidic and alkaline water that can permeate your body quickly.   You have the best of both worlds and certain conditions you have may ease due to its use.

My ionizer is a Jupiter brand, and it gave our family lovely, sweet water to drink for a number of years.  But unfortunately, I did not know what kind of warranty it had and now it is fossilising in my kitchen – well loved, but unused for a couple of years now…

During the time I used my ionizer, I had much better skin.  I also did not have a furry tongue anymore.  I noticed a big difference to my taste buds when I reverted back to bottled water after the ionizer stopped working properly.

So yes, I would encourage you to research and find an ionizer that suits your budget, kitchen countertop size, and, also has a satisfactory warranty.

Benefits include:

  • Softer hair when washed with the acidic water from the ionizer
  • Less itching when the skin is cleansed
  • Cleaner tasting tea or coffee when the alkaline water from ionizer is drunk.
  • Overall improved health


TyentUSA have produced ionizers with a lifetime warranty for part, labour and service.  For that reason alone, I highly recommend them for your use.  Their support is second to none and you will save money in the long run.  That is, on washing your vegetables, skin and drinking water.  Remember – you drink the alkaline water and switch the ionizer mode to acidic for washing your skin or vegetables.

If you have any questions or comments about this little piece of rocket science, please let me know! 

Only after you are making full use of these do I recommend going the extra mile to buy an ionizer which can be as expensive as $4500.

If you  need to be on a tighter budget, I recommend starting with a juicer first.  Use an Omega Juicer as it is strong and stands the test of time.  It also works out cheaper than centrifugal juicers.  As they tend to break after less than 3 years of heavy use.  Besides that, you will have to buy less produce as the Omega juicer churns out drier pulp from your vegetables and fruit.  For you, this mean more juice and less waste.  

And we need to go heavy!  At least 6 glasses daily when dealing with chronic eczema.  And then 3 glasses for breakfast to maintain clear skin.  If this is too much to start with – drink 1 glass before or after every meal.  Then week by week add an extra glass to the mix until you are drinking 6-8 glasses a day.  Halve the amount for children under 12.    And halve the amount again for babies and toddlers.

As for ionizers, you will find that the water is wetter than bottled water and so hydrates your body more thoroughly.  Even animals love it!  You will have less hassle when it comes to cleaning and you will have no parts to separate and clean compared to a juicer.  


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16 thoughts on “Drink Alkaline Ionized Water For Eczema

  1. Justin says:

    Some skin problem really doesn’t require you to go out to get some body cream to deal with it all the time. As I have seen here, as simple as taking ionised water. It can cure eczema and that makes me really happy for real. A lot of people suffer from this due to their environment and seeing a very easy way to deal with it gives me joy. 

    • Stella says:

      Alkaline water is useful in treating eczema, but good nutrition should still be done to give the body the nutrients it needs to repair the skin.  Although it is an easy method to treat skin issues with, it doesn’t come cheap.

  2. Suz says:

    If it is scientifically proven that something like this can work for many skin issues then why not. When someone told me about how ionized water can help me to clear all the bad eczema on my skin, I found it hard to believe but after reading your post now, I feel like maybe I should start drinking this type of water now.

    • Stella says:

      Yes, alkaline ionized water helps with skin issues.  Juicing and blending more so, but if you want better cooking water and also have the cash to invest in an ionizer – it is well worth the price.  You will save money on bottled water.  

      As people, we don’t tend to count how much we spend on bottled water over a year.  It is quite a lot of money – especially in summer!

  3. Nath says:

    This is definitely coning very strange and new to me. I never would have thought that drinking water could actually help combat eczema. Though it seems reasonable enough to resonate with since it is ionized water. However, the fact that the thought has never occurred to me makes it all seem funny to me though. Thanks

  4. Bruce says:

    I like how you’ve been posting useful stuffs about eczema and how to fight it,  I’ve been sharing your articles to my cousin and he has been finding them helpful. Drink ionized water can really cure eczema and I think it is very important for us to know that there are different types as you’ve explained earlier, this is really interesting to read through, thanks.

    • Stella says:

      Thanks for sharing my articles Bruce!  Yes, drinking ionized water is very useful in treating eczema.  You can also wash your skin with the acidic water that comes from it as well.  An ionizer produces both alkaline water and acidic.  The first is for drinking, the second is for washing vegetables and also your skin.

      When my friends came round for a visit, I gave them this water to drink and one of them said it tastes like the water in Switzerland…He lived there for a number of years.  Another friend said the water tastes sweet.  Alkaline ionized water is way better than tap or bottled water.

  5. Beesean says:

    Alkaline iodized water really is a great product that is very good for the skin and by extension, the human body. Your explanation of the science behind iodized water and how  it works was easy enough to understand and I will definitely be recommending Alkaline iodized water to people. Thank you for sharing such an informative and illuminating article. 

    • Stella says:

      Yes, alkaline water ionized water is a great product.  Not iodized, but ionized…

      Hopefully, you’ve learnt enough to put drinking this kind of water at the top of your must-dos.

  6. Ezra Mtambeka says:

    What? Too much oxygen can trigger healthy cells! This is startling news. I guess too much of a good thing is indeed bad in all cases. I take drinking water very lightly. After reading the article and having a guideline to drink 3 glasses amid breakfast is something that I am considering to add on my to do list. I have been having bad skim more especially now that I am based in two cities in and out and having exposure to different tap water PH. Thanks for the tips and fruitful information.

    • Stella says:

      Yes, the type of water you drink on a daily basis makes a huge difference to the texture and smoothness of your skin.  You actually need to be drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day at least half an hour AFTER your meals, so that your bowels will move properly and you won’t spend half an hour in the gentlemen’s trying to shift something from them.

      Bottled water turns out to be quite expensive long term if you drink this amount of water daily over the course of a year.  So think wisely as to where you should buy your ionized water from.  If you are not in Far East Asia or the Western hemisphere of the world, it will be quite difficult to get an ionizer.  

      So, I would recommend spring water from your nearest spring…

  7. evagreen221 says:

    Hello Stella! thanks for this important information, I am sure this will be helpful to anyone who come across it. As a medical student, I attest to everything you have said; Acidic ionized water may be potentially effective in preventing a staphylococcal chronic inflammation in Atopic Dermatitis or Eczema because of its strong bactericidal activity.

    • Stella says:

      Hello, please note that I researched this article and make reference to a Japanese scientist who detailed the facts about the effects of drinking ionized water.

      I am a humble beneficiary of his work, because my Jupiter ionizer gave me delicious water for years.  There truly is a huge difference in the taste and feel of this kind of water over bottled or even tap.  Once you taste ionized water you won’t even touch bottled!

  8. angelce903 says:


    I didn’t know about the quality of water to stop eczema! I’ve been plagued with eczema throughout my life and I was told to reduce animal fats or to increase my fish oil intake. However, I would never have thought of ionized water. Thanks to you, I’ve learnt something new today. THank you!

    • Stella says:

      Yes ionized water is very good for your skin and overall health.  However, if you are plagued with eczema now and then, you really should think of doing a bowel cleanse and liver flushes periodically throughout the year until you get rid of most of the parasites causing the eczema.

      Most people have a sweet tooth these days.  Especially in the West…hence the rise of eczema cases worldwide.

      Weaning yourself off of sugar and sugar drinks is very important.  Anything with flour, salt, dairy is also a trigger for eczema.  Up your protein intake and eat fish over the fish oils.  You will see a big difference in your skin if you do the Perricone Facelift as mentioned on my site.

      All the best!

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