6 Step Guide To Eczema Cool Down

"I'm So Itchy And Hot!"

If you are familiar with eczema, you know about scratching frenzies.  This is when an eczema sufferer starts to itch and then gets hot so starts scratching the eczema patch in a rabid manner.

There is no point in telling the person to stop scratching as they can't.   I remember 2 incidences where this happened to me.  I was on a train full of people returning from work, and began to scratch.

The next person to me moved to another seat.  And so did the person on the other side of me.  Then everyone rapidly got off the train as we had reached the final destination of the train.  By that time I had taken off my jacket so I could continue my scratching frenzy.

I was the last person off the train and felt really sorry for myself.

The second time was between services at church. Some people had formed a circle round a 3 year old toddler who really knew how to dance  We copied each cool move she made.  I love dancing and am in my element when doing this.

However, this went on for about 20 minutes by which time I was hot.  I removed myself from the circle and ran to the ladies toilets where as soon as I entered one, I took off my top and had a "scratchfest" -  My term for scratching frenzy.

The Problem:

When a person is going through this, they need to be made cool instead of be made aware of why they "shouldn't scratch".   Read on to find out 6 tips to Cool Down.

The Solution:

  1.  Get a cool damp cotton flannel and place it on the eczema patch to cool it down.  Simply put the flannel under running water and squeeze out the excess water from the flannel  before lightly covering the patch with it.
  2. Apply some aloe vera gelly to the patch.  It may sting a little, but this will immediately stop the itch.
  3. Give the person some water to drink.  To cool them down. Do not use water from the fridge as the body will try to regulate it's temperature by becoming hotter again.
  4.  Get them into fresh air if you can  Unless it is windy. In that case, use a fan on cool setting.
  5. If very hot indoors, turn off the central heating! And open the windows for fresh air.
  6. If the person scratched themselves to bleeding point, rinse with salt water and apply some clay paste directly to the spot.  Do this at least twice daily until you see improvement.

The salt water will disinfect it and the clay will help repair the wound without leaving a scar.

Depending on if you are outside or inside, the best thing to have on you is a medium to large damp flannel in a sealed plastic bag  You may also need some cool water in a flask to wet the flannel or rinse it if you are away from a tap with running water.

These tips were created for you to use either all at a time or as suited to your needs.

The icing on the cake is to achieve glowing skin which is possible.

Do tell me how you get on as I would love to hear from you and see how these tips have worked for you.

If you have any questions about the Eczema Cool Down, just let me know and I will get back to you.