Eczema – Take Care with Flaxseed Meal

Flaxseed meal is a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids which you may have heard about.  Take care though, as you may end up with a flare up of eczema if you do not drink enough liquid during the day you have the flaxseed.

How do I know?  Well after 1 year of completely eczema-free skin, I started taking flaxseed meal 1-2 tablespoons a day.  I did not drink enough liquids during these days.

When taking flaxseed meal, I forgot that I needed to drink at least 5 times the amount of flaxseed meal as it swells in the stomach.

The result, was it wicked away moisture from my skin and then I had a dry patch on my right shoulder which I scratched.

The patch spread to my left shoulder and up my neck and face.. . The good thing was I had this site to refer to and also my notes.



So I began to juice carrot, parsley, celery and cucumber. 2-4 litres daily.  Spread over the course of a day. Juiced celery and carrots blended with parsley, cucumber and avocado.

I stopped eating rice as my face bloated and became very dry.  So I began to buy 500g of salmon pieces from the fishmongers.  I also bought Fish Oil capsules and took 4-5 daily.

The  result is that the inflammation is down and I am using amaroli to wet my dry patches and also massaging coconut oil and shea butter on my patches.  I only put the Amber Nectar on my skin once daily, followed by the oil and butter.  My skin looks dry but no longer inflamed and itchy.

Mum has been a darling and bought 2 bags of frozen wheatgrass juice.  1 bag of each of us.  Containing 30 oz of 1 oz wheatgrass shots each.   I will drink 2 oz a day.

Instead of rice, I make quinoa porridge with salmon and freshly sprouted green lentils.

Of course, I have stopped taking the flaxseed meal!!

I have been doing  this regime for 2 weeks now.  It is expensive and my juices contain avocado.  The good thing is that Sainsbury’s supermarket are doing a great deal of £1.50 for 2 Hass avocados instead of the normal price of £1.90.  I have been buying 5 pairs of avocadoes at a time, saving me £1.60!!  God is Good!

As it is summer, I am in a good mood and and can see my skin healing quite quick with all the love I am giving it.  I am also sleeping quite a lot and allowing my skin to heal.

I will take a video of my arms and neck for you to see what it looks like now and how fast I can heal it.



Update: 10 April 2019

I drank 3oz of wheatgrass juice last night and 6 glasses of avocado smoothie that also contained 1/2 cup of green lentils.  I put 1 grapefruit plus its rind and blended the whole lot.

Woke up with peachy skin.  It is not flaking anymore and my skin is turning the right colour.  Slight flaking on my lips though.

I an not itchy and do not need to do amaroli anymore.

Please note, I did not wash my skin with anything, not even plain water during this time.  It did not get infected due to the huge volume of green smoothies I took daily.  As mentioned before, since I do not scar easily, my skin will heal up and my job is to get rid of the darkened skin by keeping my hydration in order.  This means at least 3 litres of green smoothie daily.

The wheatgrass shots are a bonus and I only eat 1 meal of salmon and quinoa daily.  Do not worry, I am not losing or gaining any extra weight!!