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Eczema & Constipation Beating Foods

Constipation is something that hits most of us at one time or another.  When our food is cooked so soft, it doesn’t add fibre to our meals, we become constipated.  I suffered from this as a teenager during my years at boarding school.  It hurt to go to the toilet.

Man clutching belly in pain


Dehydration was the cause and it was only when I grew older, that I learnt about the importance of drinking water from Muscle & Fitness magazine..  We are 70% water.  If we do not drink enough each day, we simply get backed up.

And I am not talking drinking liquids like coffee, soda or alcohol either.  Herbal teas and mineral water are easily recognised by your body as a liquid to work with.  Your body uses it to digest food,  transport nutrients and also eliminate waste and toxins.

Constipation beating foods are normally starchy in nature, usually being vegetables and fruit  instead of meat, fish or dairy.

A salad made up of at least 7 veggies including cabbage, broccoli or carrots will definitely beat constipation.

Put either a tomato salsa or avocado dressing with it and eat with a protein of your choice.  Yes, you can still eat your meat, fish and eggs, but with at least half your plate looking like the picture of salad above

Half an hour later, drink 2 cups of water. You should aim to drink between 8-12 cups of water daily depending on your weight and height.


Why Is Fibre So Important?

Simply because if you don’t evacuate the waste from your food, it basically ferments within your colon.  All the toxins that should have gone down the toilet, are left to recirculate round your body.

This can cause all kinds of problems including cysts, tumours and even cancer.  If your standard meals consist of a burger, fries and a Coke, you definitely need to spruce up your diet and make some changes.

Colourful salad


Constipation Beating Salad

I am not saying to go cold-turkey into eating clean. No – just add one 7 veg salad to your daily menu.  Make sure to chose veggies that are not just starchy, but also ones you find visually appealing and colourful.

Cut them up in chunks, for example, carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, cucumber, parsley, sweetcorn, onions.  Your dressing could be a nut butter, or homemade tomato salsa.  DEFINITELY NOT mayonnaise or ketchup!

This is for starters. Then once you have eaten your salad, go ahead and eat your standard meal.

Half an hour later, drink 2 cups of plain mineral water.  If this is too plain, add some lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of honey to your water.

After eating like this for a week, you will find that time spent in the toilet will  only be a couple of minutes instead of 7… Remember, 2 cups of water on rising, 2 after breakfast, 2 after lunch and 2 after dinner.  You will feel better and lighter. Any  constipation issues will clear up in less than 3 weeks if you follow this constipation beating plan.

As this is a natural treatment, do not expect super fast results. You need to treat your stomach and bowels gently.  If you are thoroughly backed up and have not moved your bowels in a week, you need to see a specialist who performs colonic irrigation and supervises you.




My Friend

One of my friends has an extra long colon and normally goes to toilet every 3 days. While on holidays she visited me for a week in September.  I encouraged her to join me for a smoothie fast.

We would each have 5-8 full glasses of fruit or vegetable smoothie a day.  No cooked food allowed.  Each glass was 8oz.

Cucumber juice

My friend agreed so I bought 4 days worth of all the fruit and vegetables we would need.

On the first day, my friend sipped her way through 3 glasses.  As she found them tasty, she was up to 5 glasses by Day 2.  She also made several trips to the toilet.

By Day 3, my friend felt so energetic, she mopped my entire flat and also cleaned up my bathroom til it sparkled!

Her face glowed and she found herself needing less sleep. She also lost 5lbs of weight. Job Done!

To top it off, by the end of the week, she made the decision to go for a colonic in a private clinic.  There it was confirmed that she had a lot of old fecal matter that was black and sitting in her colon.  In other words – Mucoid Plaque.  She looked at it through a glass tube that allowed her to see fecal matter that she had passed.   Invigorised, she returned to the Caribbean with the intention of buying a blender and continuing the smoothie making at home..

My friend was at least 3 stone (42lbs) overweight and had problem with knee pain.  However, even after 5 days of this smoothie fast, she felt lighter and her joints were more flexible.


Using the above methods, you can see that constipation can be eased. You do not have to be at the mercy of laxatives.  Today I challenge you to take your health matters into your own hands so you can lead a healthier life and enjoy it.

If you have any questions about this topic, please feel free to leave them below.