Eczema – Eat Protein for Skin Repair

In my previous posts, you may have noticed I put emphasis on eating plenty of vegetables and drinking green juices.  Well, that is more to calm the inflammation down.  You will also need to eat oily fish to repair your skin from eczema induced damage.

Depending on your height and weight, you need to eat protein at least twice daily.  And at least 2 handfuls per meal.  Why so much?  Because your skin is the largest organ of your body and takes at least a full month to change its texture  from rough and scaly to smooth and toned. It also gets nutrients last.  Your internal organs are fed first.

As our body repairs at night, it is a good idea to eat your protein and salad for dinner (evening meal).  Always eat the salad first to prime your body for the protein. Basically, to wet your tongue and whet your appetite.

As you will be increasing your protein by at least twice as much daily until your skin fully repairs itself, you must drink plenty of vegetable juice or juiced blends containing fibre.  This is a very good way of repairing skin quickly.

You can make roast chicken, fish stew, steamed fish, etc.  However, please stay away from chicken or fish cooked in batter.  You know, traditional fish and chips style meals. Which are absolutely loaded with fat and lard.

Make sure to eat avocados with your chicken as it is rather more dry than oily fish.  Also, when you do cook your fish, ensure you only lightly cook it for 10-15 minutes if steaming.  You can cook it slightly longer if roasting your fish, although don’t turn into burnt offerings! You know what I mean, blackened barbecue style cooking.

And that applies to the chicken as well.  You want it to be juicy, yet cooked through.  Mid-heat temperature is alright.  Too high and the outside burns while the inside is under-cooked.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Eating for skin repair is really simple – juicy protein of your choice and salad.  If you are eating chicken, add avocado as the chicken is on the dry side and lacks omega 3 fatty acids unless organic and free range.  You can buy this type of chicken from Farmers’ Markets in your area.  Or even better, visit your local farm and strike up a monthly deal with them.

I have just eaten the cheaper non-organic chicken with avocado.  I kid you not – the avocado and tomato tasted better than the chicken, even with apple cider vinegar and stew added….The mind boggles.  I could even suggest rearing your own chickens for fresh eggs, but I think that is really pushing it too far…

Drink Collagen and Bone Broth for Fast Results

Bone broth is something my Mother made every week.  She would make a batch and put them in the freezer using containers.

It was very easy to make and she simply skimmed off the liquid  fat of any meat she boiled.  Especially chicken legs and feet. And organ meats like kidney and liver.

As our skin, hair and nails are 90% collagen, the reason why we seem to age as we get older, is that we are simply deficient in this protein.  We are 30% collagen and 70% water.

Think about that for a minute.  Yes – we as adults are walking around being dehydrated and undernourished when it comes to collagen.

However, I lived in Nigeria for 8 years as a teenager and noticed that even my grandfather looked young for his age and so did many people his age.  He lived to 106 by the way.

You might be interested in this video on collagen loading by Dr Axe.   It really answered a lot of questions I had, and maybe the same will go for you….


As you can see here, Dr Axe recommends you take 3 servings of collagen or bone broth daily.  Or even a mix of both.  Just for the first month to replenish your collagen stores.  Then take a maintenance serving once daily to keep your levels constant.

I will be making more bone broth (best to use organic bones and bone marrow from your nearest farmer’s market, as they have more minerals and other beneficial nutrients).

As for purchasing liquid collagen, I did some research and found out about Absolute Collagen, made in Britain. You can see the youthfulness of the lady who founded the company even though it seems she is in her 60s.

If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below.