Argiletz Clay Review – It Works!

Argiletz clay is useful in so many ways for people with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.  It is a clay that contains minerals and feeds the skin with them while at the same time removing toxins.

Eczema on my leg healed fast without scars.  I am well pleased and I am sure you will be too as you read on…



Product Name: Argiletz Clay


Company and Location: Argiletz Clay, France

Price: Starts from £7  Highest Price: £12


It comes in various colours ranging from white to brown. Each colour signifies what it can be used for and the mineral content in the clay, eg, the red clay has plenty of iron, the green clay is for detoxifying the body and the white is for sensitive skin.  Argiletz clay also comes in sizes ranging from 300g to 1.5kg.

You can also buy Argiletz clay impregnated bandages and toothpaste for sore gums and sensitive teeth.

How to Use:              

As a face/body mask: For small to large parts of your body, make 1/2 cup of clay paste.  Simply mix the 1 cup of clay with 3 tablespoons of olive oil and mix with enough water to make a smooth thick paste.  This is best done in the evening.

For the face, leave the paste on for 5 minutes just before it dries.  For other body parts especially with eczema, wrap with cling film followed by bandages and a cotton top you don’t mind getting messy. Tubifast bandages can be prescribed by your GP and are excellent for holding the cling film in place and keeping the clay paste moist.

Rinse off the clay with warm water the following morning. Then moisturise with either olive oil or raw shea butter. You only need to apply clay paste to your body until your body heals.

You may see a dramatic change for the better almost immediately.

As time goes on, apply a thinner paste.

As clay water: Mix one tablespoon into a glass of pure water and leave overnight.  Next morning, drink the clay water but not the clay.  It is highly mineralised clay water and helps to firm the gums and get rid of parasites in the body.

Personally, I used the green clay daily when I suffered from wet eczema on my leg. It was extremely itchy and sore, to the point I was limping.

I made a  big batch of clay paste and applied it thickly to my leg.  Then I wrapped it in cling film followed by bandages.  The bandages were held in place with leggings and then I wore trousers. Seems like a lot of hassle, right?  Extreme skin conditions call for extreme action.


  • Fast and effective
  • Can be used on all skin types including sensitive
  • Cheap price
  • Safe to use and is edible


  • Can be really messy and time consuming to apply, depending on how large the  eczema patch is
  • Can be hard to find as very few shops stock the entire range
  • Quite drying to the skin hence the need to mix with an oil and a little water  to make it easy to rinse off.


Argiletz clay is very soothing for skin conditions and is very effective for healing scars. The price ranges from £7-12 and is extremely cost-effective.

You also do not need any special skills to apply the clay and it is useful for all skin types.

These days, the clay only seems to be found online at Amazon. It is rare to find the entire range of clay pack sizes and toothpaste in health food stores. However, the large clay pack sizes (1.5kg) last a long time so you won’t have to go and buy it every week.

Overall Rating: 9/10

Yes, you may say I’m biased, but hey, I don’t limp anymore! If you suffer from eczema or any other chronic skin condition, which can be very demoralising, I suggest you buy Argiletz clay for yourself.  It is worth it.

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to leave them here…I will be pleased to answer them.

Less is More…

Coconut Oil

By now, you should have got the drift of how to clear eczema. Single ingredient oils like olive and coconut or balms such as shea butter, are gentle on the  skin and and also feed it. After using different lotions and potions for myself (even natural herbal ones!) I realised less is more… 


Steroid creams are a definite no-no as they only suppress the symptoms and with long-term use can even thin your skin. However, for those of you who can’t live without them, all you need to do is mix a little of it  with a simple oil that suits you, and lessen the quantity of the  cream little by little.

You will only need to do a bowel cleanse twice or thrice a year.  Parasite cleanses should be done after your bowel cleanse.  Then your body is ready for a liver flush.

Your body will thank you for the internal cleansing and you will find yourself with more energy and cleaner blood and skin. After each cleansing, you will notice things you were allergic to no longer affect you.

Your diet should stay simple by  only eating what you fancy after your skin is clear.  And only once a week at that as you may find your skin getting itchy again.

Avocado Soup

If you have scars, it is best to take wheatgrass juice 1-2oz daily in the morning on an empty stomach.  One hour before bedtime, drink an avocado soup or smoothie. This will feed your skin at night and you should wake up with much less wrinkled skin.  Also remember to get at least 7-8 hours sleep at night as this is when your skin is repairing itself.

Lessen Your Stress

If you live in the city, it’s so easy to get caught up in the rat-race as you go about earning a living. Everything has to be organised and you may feel like a hamster on a wheel trying to get so much done in 24 hours.

One good friend of mine organises her life by writing a diary for business and a journal for her thoughts about her prayer life.


Write In Your Diary

She is one very organised lady and I admire the fact that she never gets stressed about  anything even though she has had her fair share of misfortune.  Therefore, none of us has the excuse of not finding the time for organising our lives the week before the week before!

To lessen your stress, you only need to buy 2 day-to-a-page diaries. One for your personal thoughts and one for business/work/social appointments and outcomes.

This may seem like a lot of writing at first, but you will notice that this is much better than holding a lot of important information in your head and trying to organise your life from your memory.

If you find writing a chore, you can ask a good friend to help you.  The simpler the better.

Just set your goals each month and put them in order of importance.

An example could be to find a good school for your child and getting all the relevant information about the school like;  calibre of the teachers, distance from your home, does it provide healthy meals, etc.

All of this may seem unrelated to clearing your eczema, but a clear mind, free of stressful emotions, also leads to a stress-free life and also clear skin.

My hope is that as you persist in helping yourself recover, you will blossom personally as a result.  Smiling each day or even having a good laugh from your favourite Disney cartoon like Tom and Jerry!

Friendship and Relating to Others

We all have friends and family who we appreciate for their acts of kindness.  However, some friendships  and how we relate to others should be closely  reviewed from time to time to enable them to become richer and produce good fruit.


Who is a good friend?

A good friend is a person who listens well and understands your potential to receive healing.  Even if you only have one or two, they will encourage you to be kind to yourself and speak peacefully with your family and friends.

They will also encourage to pray for the people around you who have less understanding about who you are.

Forgiveness is the key to richer friendships.  This means you should both  have the ability to say “Sorry” and mean it…Also, you should both be able to forget.

Whether you are young or older, you will find great peace when  you do so.

There are 3 ingredients to good health – Faith, Hope and Love.

Faith is believing and trusting yourselves to forgive each other by God’s grace

Hope is longing for each other’s improvement with God’s word

Love is letting go of the past and seeing the best in each other and also praying for each other.

Early on, I learnt the Lord’s Prayer –

Our  Father who art in Heaven

Thy kingdom come thy will be done

On earth as it is in heaven

Give us this day our daily bread

And forgive us our sins

As we forgive others

Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil

For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory for ever, Amen


I think on these words more and more each day and find more understanding of the Person who said them.

God made us all to be kind to one another with our words, and also actions.

If you are having a hard time with your skin…and are actively in the process of healing, then you will find great peace in being at peace with  God, yourself, family, friends and others.

Here is a little prayer I say each day – do feel free to join in –

Dear Lord – I confess with my mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in my heart that God has raised him from the dead.

Thank you for saving and healing me

Thank you so much! You are awesome!

Every day is a new day to show how much you love me…



Feel free to think about  these words for 5 minutes or more…

You will find that as the days pass on you will not only be feeling better, but it will seem as if little problems are solved easily as well…And that is another subject that God can handle to your good.  Believe you me!

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them here…