How to Be High Raw Vegan and Rejuvenate Your Skin

When I first started learning how to cure my eczema and heal it, I I found out about the following people online: Karen Knowler, Shazzy and Jill Swyers.  Jill is a nutritionist and raw food coach. Basically what this means is that she’s eats all of her food or raw whether it is protein carbs or fat. But she’s vegan also so she her food is plant-based and she also takes vegan supplements.  As i wanted to rejuvenate my skin, I was keen to see how Jill did it.

woman showing man how to make a salad

The reason why Jill went raw vegan in the first place is that in her 40s she experienced fibromyalgia.  This is a lot of pain in your muscles and joints. Since and nothing worked to cure her, she had to quit her job as a top Chef. She realised that food or her diet was an important factor to regaining health.

When I first visited this lady around 2002, she sat me down – didn’t mention anything about my skin even though it was in bandages  (especially my legs) and she advised “You need to have raw avocado soups and green juices. Jill also recommended wheatgrass and growing bean  sprouts. She showed me around her place in Wandsworth Town in London. and she showed me a variety of Sprouts that she was growing in her kitchen garden.

When I met Jill she was 55 and had the most bouncy thick brown hair. She just looked really vibrant and young. Her energy really inspired me to go raw. Later,   I bought a juicer. blender and dehydrator. and about five books that had plenty of raw food recipes in them. For example some of the books were from such authors as: .

Leslie Kenton 
Nomi Shannon
Julian the Raw Uncook book
Raw Power by Thor Bazler.
Juicing Therapy by Bernard Jensen 
The Wheatgrass book by Ann Wigmore and Sprouting Ann Wigmore

I also bought books about healthy fats, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, edible clay, edible mud, MSM…  I bought books by Gillian McKeith You are What You Eat, bowel cleansing and liver flushing, and, that was the beginning. I did not buy these all at once but let’s say I bought one book every two months and this carried on for 5 years.

No, I have not got a university degree in nutrition, but  I understand about a lot and I use everything from herbs like aloe and parsley in my juices to edible clay in my psyllium and bentonite shakes.  I also do liver flushing and use epsom salts and  also use natural skin care where the ingredient is only one, for example, olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter.

Exfoliative eczema basically means that your skin is so dry it flakes off  every single day, does not seem to settle down, repair itself and change texture. Back to normal.  It is extremely flaky and if you scratch your skin flakes fall off of your body and basically I was like this from head to toe in the years between 2012 January and 2016 March.

Prior to this in my twenties, I had experienced 16 years of flawless skin so you can imagine my dismay when my skin flared up year after year! I also had cold sores covering  half one side of my face. I had had shingles I was experiencing arthritis in my knee joints, my hair thinned and the back of my neck looked like a lizard’s. I lost my eyebrows and sideburns. Let’s get back to the main topic of veganism.

 Why a High Raw Diet Is Good For You

In the Western hemisphere of the world where there are plenty of people and large cities we are living in a land where the soils are depleted of essential macronutrients, minerals and enzymes for our bodies.So the plants that we grow, even organic ones, are not as nutritious as areas where there is no pollution such as toxic fumes.

Our farms are over farmed to the point where the soils where we grow crops are depleted of important nutrients and friendly bacteria that keep us healthy. So the vegetation we grow on this land is less nutritious than a 100 years ago where organic was normal.

One thing I do find is that I cannot go 100% vegan because I suffer from sickle cell trait rather than full-blown anaemia.   This means I need higher than normal stores of Iron and B12 in my body as well as Vitamin B complex.

The iron mineral in plants is not complete and so needs to be be a complimented with animal products such as red meat,  offal or eggs. I knew that if I was to be a person who had glowing skin I would have to have a high proportion of my food raw. So in 2016 at the height of the worst flare up in my life I went vegan but because I was so educated as to what nutrients are in what food, I make sure that I have at least 2 L of vegetable juice a day. I had two large 7-vegetable salad and I also supplemented with raw eggs ok so let’s say high raw.

I also grew bean sprouts, puy lentis, sunflower seeds, ground almonds to make almond nut milk with.

Avocado smoothies for the essential fats. I did this for 4 months and my skin quickly healed.  But as I lost at least 1 stone – 14 lbs in weight, my skin was wrinkled as I was in my late 40s. I realise I did not have enough protein so I reintroduced chicken and oily fish (plenty of mackerel, sardines, salmon and also roasted plenty of chicken so this was to go alongside my dinners of avocado salads, sprouts and 2 Litres of juice for breakfast.

Things that made a huge difference is that 1 year later I used a supplement by Synergy Worldwide. I had used Cleanse Smart to cleanse my bowels. I used Synergy for a week – Purify  and then a week later I did a liver liver flush and I can still remember the date it was; October the 11th 2017. In the following morning after drinking the oil- grapefruit mixture I looked in the mirror and was surprised to see my wrinkles  had disappeared my skin texture was was normal texture and it was smooth, toned, plump. Joint aches disappeared and did not return.

My eye bags disappeared, my energy increased, the whites of my eyes became very white and to top it off when people saw me in the street they did not recognise me.

So here I am fast forward 2019, my hair has grown back and because I did that strong cleansing in 2017 my skin is still clear 3 years later. I  did have a small flare up of eczema between February and March this year but I took 2 months to clear it and my skin tone returned.

What Kind of Food do You Eat on a Raw Food Diet? 

You can use very simple food that comes from the ground or trees and this includes food like nuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, sesame seeds. Brazil nuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, cashew nuts, pecans, macadamia nuts and the list goes on.

I also make sure that I stock up  at least £20 or $30 of vegetables a week I buy plenty of green vegetables as well.  I found out that the greener the vegetables, the better for your skin and green vegetables have iron in them. The highest and richest vegetables that contain iron and vitamin C and eating them are such green leafy vegetables like kale, cilantro, coriander, parsley.

I also eat root veg like carrots, beetroot. I also have tubers such as yam, sweet potato and I also have plantain. I use plantain in my avocado smoothies and I eat plantain raw.  I would always choose a half ripe plantain. Being vegan or high raw does not mean only eating salads. You can make bread, cakes, dressings, dips, sauces, puree, nut milk you can make nut butters.  you can make breakfast, dinner and lunch dishes. You can even make a raw food cheesecake!

You can make whatever is out there even if it’s biscuits!

My confidence has come back and I’m a healthy weight  of 12 stone which is about 77kg. I’m not fat and thin. What I could do more of is exercise everyday. Wheat grass juice juice is the only plant that contains vitamin B12 and iron in fact it’s so potent a person can only have 8 oz a day.  It rejuvenates your skin, enhances your visions return your hair hair colour and also enhance your fertility.

Wheatgrass  can be grown at home but it takes a lot of effort so I would suggest that you are the buy it frozen or find a supplier who sells wheatgrass trays. Also make sure to have plenty of bean sprouts. A baby plant has got more nutrition in than a full grown plant because the baby plant has all the nutrition in it to grow into a mature plant..

So to start on your journey of being raw vegan I must say you have to take it easy. You have to make sure that you have enough protein in your diet. See what happens is that your body will break down first which means that you’ll lose weight, stabilize and then increases if necessary.

As you eat more and more nutrient dense raw food you’ll find that your weight should increase and then stabilize.  yeah but you will not become obese on this unless you have lots of and avocado based food.

it is also a good idea to supplement on things like coconut meat, matcha tea, spirulina, chlorella evening primrose oil, Udo’s oil, avocado oil, etcetera. Basically you have to make up for all the time that you were eating junk food which is full of parasites and toxins, that go into your skin and body where they live, breathe and die in you.  It’s called toxaemia.

What High Raw Means To You

This means that you have enough energy to take care of the children, grandchildren, play with them in the park instead of watching them.  Take up active Sports and the vibrational energy of your body will increase and people are noticing you basically glowing.

I also eat edible mud and edible clay.  Herbal bouquet is from Moorspa  based in Uckfield in Sussex. and what I find is mud is moisturising while clay is drying.  So if you have dry eczema it is better to drink mud. If you have wet eczema then you need to drink edible clay because it will dry your skin out from inside. You also need to apply Argiletz clay on your wet eczema patches to dry the blisters up.

Anyway I’m going to do some videos that will show you how to prepare your raw food.  Watch out for  my video course that will help you not only regain health but also make you look younger as well. Because you have invested in 30 days to rejuvenate your body inside and out and if you do this for 30 days you can do it for 90! How good you look and feel will be amazing and remember – makeup cannot make up for good wholesome natural skin care. God bless.